All UX work is rubbish

By April 3, 2015Design, UX

UX Design is an interesting area in that elements of the discipline effect the whole strategy of a project and is not just part of the traditional designers job (read my previous post about UX Designer being a bad fit as a job title). That is something I feel strongly about, but I also feel strongly that all our UX work is rubbish. This is my inflammatory/clickbaity way of saying that we as UX professionals should consider every design idea we have, every decision we make and every documented piece of our work, especially the wireframes, should be considered disposable. Only then can we fully test our work in a way that we feel detached enough from to make a properly objective decision on.

That is our job, to make sure the design of an application or website is simple enough to be properly used by the end user. The decisions along the way help us to hone the design and the options we discard are as important as the ones we keep in that we need to make sure we are only keeping the right ones for the right reasons.

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