Design is evermore important

By April 15, 2015Design, Development, UX

The title here seems obvious but is not only true for the product, service, application or object that is being designed but also for every touchpoint that design connects with. As Robert Brunner, Founder of the Ammunition Group, puts it:

The entire ecosystem and all its interaction points must be as well designed as the object itself in order for sustained adoption to occur.

Robert Brunner, Founder, Ammunition Group

This means that if you are creating a newly designed thing then it needs to fit into the sandbox it will be playing in. Such a design needs a good amount of strategic preparation and a good amount of discovery and prototyping. This means that the agile technique that has taken a great hold of the software development industry and is migrating into areas such as design and User Experience strategy is a great fit as a design strategy in getting things right.


Agile, in a nutshell, is a collaborative and iterative process that at first will take as a goal a “least viable product” which will then increase the functionality and features at every iteration with feedback into the system at each iteration, or sprint as it is termed. This means you can research, discover, prototype and test at each stage and even go to market quicker adding features later in the process. This is all a great benefit to making sure the design of your thing matches its entire ecosystem and one can reflect and influence the other.

As a certified scrum manager I am a great fan of agile processes and believe it is a process that can be adopted for many areas of business and not just design and strategy. For example, a marketing strategy can be built this way to build a more coherent timeline and even audience interaction with the feedback gained. I see this as an avenue that is not often explored enough within marketing but one we may well see more of.

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