I have worked with the Morvelo team since the start of the brand with a few t-shirt designs back in the Summer of 2009. since then they have grown to be one of the most interesting cycle clothing designers in the UK and hosting their own events. As part of the growth of the brand they needed a website they could sell their clothing through. They had already chosen to use Magento as an ecommerce platform and wanted me to help with applying the Morvelo design to it an come up with a strategy for growing the site and its content.

Key points

  • Magento e-commerce website
  • Bespoke theming
  • Augment the brand with other sites


The approach for this was to work closely with the Morvelo team, for which I took up residence in their design studio this helped me to gain a great insight into the brand as they want it to be perceived. I worked on strategising the content that would go on the site, the architecture of the site and how we could use the site and add functionality to it using differing web technologies. I also helped develop sundry other sites to help augment the brand.

This is an ongoing relationship that has been very rewarding to be involved in as we have all learned a lot along the way about growing a brand from the start on the web.

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