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I bring my creative thought process to your projects
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With over 20 years of professional experience I have witnessed the changing face of the web and have been involved in shaping it through some of my client work. From helping Ministry of Sound as their lead designer in forging partnerships with some of the leading lifestyle brands to being in the team creating the first iteration of O’Neill’s Coldwater Classic Series website and many other sites in between I have endeavoured in being innovative yet keeping things simple for the user.

My skillset during my career has encompassed  Design, Development, Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Digital Brand Strategy. A good project involves most of these skills and should have a cohesion that is centred on the Brand’s communication strategy. This will inform much of what follows. I am able to tap into a network of creative professionals who can work with us to create high end feel whether you need, Design and Development Work, Animation, Video, Audio, Search Engine Marketing help and much much more.

A strong area of my work has included consulting with clients on the creative strategy and innovation of their projects. This has lead me into facilitating workshops that help my clients with innovation and creativity to solve problems, design their businesses and engage their teams. I have created a business which focuses fully on this at MundoNovus Innovation and Elevation.

Brand exposure

I have worked on many projects for high profile brands throughout my career including:

  • Working with the team in the early days of BBC 6Music;
  • Working as the lead designer and media producer on Ministry of Sound’s website leading many brand partnership projects;
  • Using my usability and accessibility knowledge to build the front-end to strict guidelines for a number of LOCOG sites in support of the 2012 London Olympic Games;
  • Designing and Developing many different sites for the NHS, Department of Health and the Cabinet Office both freelance and as part of the team at Worth Digital;
  • Designing and Developing websites and Digital Advertising for GlaxoSmithKline and their FMCG products;
  • Working within the team to produce the first Lucozade Online Shop;
  • Creating the Design and Development, as well as advising on the Accessibility needs, for the Channel 4 Learning websites;
  • Helping to establish the Morvelo and Kinesis Bikes brands online.
Ministry of Sound
London Olympics