ScreenSpace a new space for screen education


An offshoot project from the work I do for MetFilm this project has helped create a space for education in the screen arts of Film & TV that is accessible through the UCAS university system.

  • WordPress design & development
  • Bespoke theme development
  • SEO
  • WordPress and JQuery plugin development

The Story

ScreenSpace is a new college for TV & Film crafts that offers a BA Hons in Content, Media and Film Production. Based in the Ealing Studios this college is the sister school to MetFilm School.

As part of my ongoing relationship with MetFilm I was asked to help them design and develop a website to support the launch of their new school under the brand ScreenSpace. I consulted with MetFilm on the strategy to do this and together we created a limited site to start with. After the successful launch more time was allowed to further design and develop the site into the iteration seen now.