Creating leading edge design that works with your brand to achieve your goals

Good design is at the heart of what we do

Good design encompasses a process where we work towards the business goals of any given project whilst also maintaining the focus of the design on meeting the user’s needs and expectations.

Design is not only about what you see but also about how your site, product or service is interacted with. This is best served by making the design appealing whilst still communicating your message but also selecting the correct language to use.

This is all built on a basis of keeping the intention of the user at the heart of our design work which flows through to our other core services too as this will aid in developing a useful website, marketing it well and in considering what content should appear on the website.

Process Driven

At Mart Gordon, we hold tightly to our process and this is true across all of our service offering with many points of crossover between them all. This enables us to offer you a high-end service.


Define project






My starting point for any project is to fully understand the goals and needs of my client. What a successful project looks like to them and what wider goals does this project fit into.

I also need to understand who the users or consumers of your service or product are and what drives them to you. What are they looking for or hoping to gain? What paths will lead to their goals and needs?

Designing for others is for me a collaborative process and there are stakeholders within that process. The key ones are the business, the consumer and the ecosystem this project fits into.


During the ideation stage, we will look at our findings in the define stage to identify the areas where we can add value to the business, the consumer and the ecosystem the project fits into.

This is a highly collaborative stage as it allows us, as part of our exploration, to get out the playbox and start making up our new world. If we start imagining more engaging and better ways of achieving the business and consumer goals then we may have unique elements, templates and pathways to prototype in our designs.


The prototype stage is where I will start designing the site. The first thing to happen will be looking at the users and their pathways and to draw up a site plan that will help identify the templates required. I will then move on to creating wireframes for the templates, incorporating some or even all of our ideas.

The last stage here is to add the graphical design to these wireframes to create the look of the site. This is usually influenced by the business branding and style guides.