SEO & Marketing

We can help you find ways to bring people to your site

We are here to help you attract visitors and help you turn them into customers

Even before we design and develop your site we can help you with your online marketing. It is best to start from a good foundation and that foundation needs to know who your audience is and what they are looking for. Then we can provide it for them. We do this by creating a good SEO strategy.

Once your site has been built we can also analyse your site and it’s performance. This will help you stay on top of marketing your products or services.

Process Driven

At Mart Gordon, we hold tightly to our process and this is true across all of our service offering with many points of crossover between them all. This enables us to offer you a high-end service. An important element for your business is the marketing of your site and we can help you focus using SEO for Liverpool and the North West Region or nationally and internationally. Our services can scale with you.


Define project





Understanding your business needs and the goals you have are paramount to any online marketing campaign. Understanding the needs and behaviours of your customers is just as important. Using this data we can decide the best course of action to take in helping achieve those goals attracting the right audience and converting them into customers or, even better, brand followers and advocates.

We can use much of the analysis to aid us in solving problems such as:

  • What content to put on the site
  • How to convert visitors into customers
  • Identifying customer segments and catering to those directly
  • Building a following (or tribe) around your products, services or brand.


What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. It encompasses many aspects such as the content you add to your site, the technical aspects of your site and improvements that can be made, design improvements to enable higher conversion of users into customers and so on all the way to the choice of language you use on the site.

At Mart Gordon, we can help you create a marketing strategy, that can inform your site design and how you use your site to attract more users and convert them into customers. We can help with:

  • Research into the words and phrases your users search for and which ones are worth optimising your site for.
  • Building links to help get your site ranking on search engines
  • Building specific content for different users
  • Identifying seasonal changes in search behaviour that might aid your marketing
  • Technical SEO in speeding up your site and optimising the technical aspects we are able to control
  • Creation of auxiliary marketing opportunities including Newsletters, Video Channels and podcasts

There are many ways a good SEO campaign can aid your site marketing. It is important to take action to keep your site fresh, but it is just as important to make sure the action you are taking is in line with the data available to us.

We have written this article in order to demystify SEO for those that want to understand the whole subject a little better.

SEO Liverpool

SEO can work well on a local, national or even international level. Being based in Merseyside we are well placed to help Liverpool based companies and startups with developing an SEO strategy that works to build their business. We can help you position your brand, services and products at the forefront of potential customers minds and create the optimal conditions for increasing sales.

SEO Wirral

We are able to access much of Merseyside from our Wirral base and offer our SEO services across the region. We love Merseyside and have made Wirral our home. We are especially interested in helping startups local to the region so if you have started or are thinking of starting your business then do not hesitate to give us a call.