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Having worked in teams offering Web Design, Educational Products, Marketing, Audio Visual Streaming, Brand Partnerships and Experiential Marketing I have built a skillset and knowledge base that encompasses many areas of marketing, especially marketing online.

Pulling many of these areas together I am able to help businesses that lack the knowledge to coach them and use my skillsets in order to help them build their brands, products and startups.

The key to the success of any project is collaboration and I will work, in partnership, with you to achieve a successful result to your project.

Take a look below at some of the specific services in detail.

Content Marketing

Online marketing relies on relevant, authentic content. We can help you develop a content strategy to aid your marketing efforts and position your brand as a leader.

SEO & Marketing

People are out there searching for your products and services. We can help you attract them to your site and convert them into your customers using Search Engine Optimisation techniques. We are SEO company in Liverpool.

Building Your Startup Strategy


Over the past twenty years I have learned a lot from helping organisations during the startup phase and on into becoming successful organisations in their field. This includes Morvélo Cycling Apparel which started from an office I shared with them as a T-shirt design side project and has grown into a Cycling Clothing company with a high turnover and international sales in less than a decade.

I have also helped non-profit organisations get started such as the charity Stay Up Late and their multinational Gig Buddies project.

I can give advice on how to structure your online business and becoming a purpose-driven organisation that allows your focus to be lead by the underlying purpose of the business. I can help to discover that purpose by utilising methods that blend the purpose of the business with the underlying needs of the founders and employees. We can then move onto using this purpose to be the attractor for your following. This helps to lay a foundation for developing your brand.

Website Hosting

I have found the hosting provided by WPEngine for WordPress to be excellent. It offers peace of mind and, when managed well, can help with part of the SEO strategy for your digital marketing. The security and full backup system also allows for greater continuity if the worst should happen to your website. This is why we are partnered with WPEngine.

Maintenance & Management

We offer services to maintain your site with a scheduled monthly maintenance routine to make sure that all the site files are kept up to date, this helps to keep the site more secure from attacks. We can also provide access to applications that will help your site to be quicker and help your Search Engine rankings. Further to this, we offer content updates as part of our monthly service to help keep your site content fresh which can help your marketing efforts.

Contact me today to discuss the options for your website maintenance and get a quote.