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We manage your hosting to keep your site secure and your business running
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Mart Gordon Ltd is an agency partner to WPEngine. This allows us to offer you world-class hosting that meets many of your business needs.

The importance of managed hosting

In the past, we have used many different hosting suppliers and have found many of them to be wanting. This has lead to clients being left on old versions of PHP by their hosting company and told to upgrade it themselves when they have brought it up with them. This is not satisfactory.  This is why we recommend a managed hosting option that protects your business and helps you achieve your goals.

Business continuity

We also put business continuity as a high priority for all of our customer’s sites. For this, we rely on having an easy to use daily backup service with one-click restore points that will minimise any issue your site may have.

Fast technology

Speed is of the essence online. Google values fast delivery of relevant content so the speed of your site can affect the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Our hosting partners offer built-in technologies including caching systems and Content Delivery Network access. A content delivery network allows your content to be served from the nearest local server which means quicker delivery of your site.


The security of your site is also one of our hottest priorities. There are enough threats out there without you having to lose sleep over your site being compromised in some way. With that in mind, we have chosen our hosting partner based on their ability to keep your site secure. Our hosting partner offers free SSL certificates meaning your site and content delivery is encrypted. This means that no transaction of data takes place without encryption.

Our Hosting partner also offers, as standard, threat detection and blocking technology to help block attacks to your site.