Website Management & Maintenance

Keep your site well oiled and fresh to work for your needs
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Whilst it is true that the squeaky wheel gets the oil it is an unfortunate problem that websites can often go overlooked for long periods without receiving the attention they deserve and need. It is very easy to overlook your site’s crucial updates and this can cause your site to become slower than your competitor’s sites and can also cause your site security to become weaker.

It is vital to get a plan in place to make sure your site is well maintained and we can help you with that.

What is a management/maintenance plan

A management or maintenance plan can start with maintaining the site technologies each month in order to keep the site up to date. But, it can go further. A maintenance plan can also run tests on the speed of your site and implement updates to your site security. It can publish monthly reports on the speed, security and analytics data for your marketing allowing you to make decisions on what you would like to focus on for your business.

We also think that the content of your site will need adding to and we promote our services for content creation as part of a monthly management package. We can help you decide what content might be good to focus on and develop that content for your site.

As you can see this support for your site depends very much on your business needs, for this reason, it is a highly bespoke service. So please contact us for a discussion on your needs and a bespoke quotation.